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Youth Lacrosse DrillsThese days a lot of youth are playing lacrosse. It’s a fantastic and fun sport for young people as well as a great way to stay fit and active.

The following drills have all been especially designed for the young player and will help to improve on a wide variety of important lacrosse skills ranging from passing to goalkeeping.

The Diamond Pass: A player should never stand still whilst they are catching or throwing in a game and this drill will teach players to move and cut while they’re making a catch or throw.

To set up for the diamond pass drill have four players form the shape of a diamond with one player at each corner of the diamond. One of the players should have a ball and there should also be a cone placed right in the center of the diamond and make sure all four lines of the diamond are about ten yards away from cone.

Next the player with the ball must pass it with their right hand to the player to their rights and that player must V-cut in towards the cone and then move back to their original position to catch the pass left-handed and with their stick on the outside.

When that player has caught the ball they must then change the stick to their right hand and passes the ball to the player on their right and the process repeats itself.

After several goes around the diamond reverse the passing order.

Youth Goalkeeping Drill: Here’s a youth lacrosse drill that’s designed especially to help goalkeepers to refine their skills improving their reaction time as well as footwork and and speed abilities. All that it requires is a wall and a tennis ball.

The drill begins with the goalkeeper standing about seven to eight feet away from the wall and facing it and the coach standing a few feet behind and slightly to the side of the goalkeeper.

The coach should then throw the tennis ball against the wall at all sorts of different angles so that it bounces back towards the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper must then work out where the ball is going to bounce back to and quickly move into position to save it.

Bowling: This is a great lacrosse drill for teaching players the skill of scooping ground balls whilst they are running on the field.

To perform this drill start by dividing the players up into two groups and have both groups form a line with the coach standing in between of the two lines.

The drill begins when the coach blows a whistle and rolls the ball out ahead. The players at the front of each line must then run and try to get possession of the ball. Whichever player gets possession first must then break to the goal for a shot whilst the other player must play defense.