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Girls Lacrosse Drills

More and more girls are choosing to play lacrosse over other sports these days. It’s a great way to exercise and keep fit and also a whole lot of fun!

Just like most sport however it’s essential that any lacrosse team practices regularly if they want to become really good at the game. And one of the very best ways practice is with specific lacrosse drills that are designed to help players improve on all of the most important aspects of their lacrosse game.

On this page we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best and most effective girls lacrosse drills around so if you’re the coach of a girls lacrosse team you’ll find all of the drills you need right below!

The Bowling Drill: The drill is designed to teach girls how to properly scoop ground balls whilst they are running on the field. The players should be split into two separate groups with each group of girls standing along a line. The coach should stand in between the two lines and begin the drill by blowing their whistle and rolling a ball out ahead.

The first girl from each of the lines must then race out and try to take possession of the ball. The first girl to scoop up then ball then breaks to the goal for a shot and the other girl must place defense.

Another interesting variation of this still can be played by having the coach standing opposite the two lines and rolling the ball directly towards the two players and the front of the lines.

The Quick Stick: In this drill the coach should stand directly behind the net with a decent number of balls. The players should all be positioned in one line at the top of the arc.

When the coach blows the whistle the girl that is at the front of the line should run towards the goals and lob the ball up high into the air and then catch and pass and whip the ball on goal as fast as they can. Players should aim to do this without any hesitation or cradling.

To make this drill even more challenging try setting some targets!

Steal the Bacon: Here’s another fun lacrosse drill for girls that involve dividing the players into two separate teams and then spreading them out in two lines around forty yards apart. A ball should then be placed in between the two lines and each player should be given a number from 1 to 10 (or higher if you are performing this drill with more players).

The coach should then blow the whistle and call out one of the numbers and the girl from each team that corresponds to that number must race to the centre and try to take possession of the ball and bring it back to their team without dropping it or having the opponent steal it. Every time they successfully do this they score a point for their team and the first team to reach a total often points wins the game.